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"Hikikomori" — a term heavy with the weight of Acute Society Withdrawal. These souls, enveloped in their rooms, shut away from the world for months, even years in severe cases. The reasons for their self-imposed exile are myriad, but at the core lies the crushing burden of societal expectations and a distorted notion of success. Abandoned by those they should lean on, even their families, they find themselves adrift, surrendering to a life unlived.


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Hikikomoris usually come with a negative connotation and misconceptions. The general public, especially in East Asia, believe these are people who are lazy, unmotivated and CHOOSE to lock themselves in their room so they can play games and watch anime. However, this is not true for majority of the cases. 

This documentary aims to give a community of youth a voice, a chance to disprove all negative misconceptions on them, as well as to spread awareness on an underreported issue which is a world-wide phenomenon. 

These are people who had great goals and dreams. The rules, pressures and expectations of society caused these youths to spiral. 


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In an ever-evolving 21st-century landscape defined by societal pressures and relentless expectations, the phenomenon of ‘Hikikomori’ emerges — a poignant Japanese term encapsulating the struggle of those trapped in Acute Social Withdrawal.

We follow three isolated youths facing diverse challenges, from severe eating disorders to haunting childhood trauma. Some endure months of self-imposed isolation, while others suffer for years. "Hikikomori" embodies their self-withdrawn state.

As their stories unfold, they reflect our collective societal narrative, urging us to reconsider the pressures we, as a society, impose. Can they overcome their pasts, embrace vulnerability, and courageously re-enter the world they left behind?

About: Story
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