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"In the end, my body became so weak, that I couldn't get ouside and live a normal life. Then, I began to fear people." - Sayako

Sayako has always been positive and outgoing. She had a nice family, got good grades and loved ballet.

Everything was going well, until she was given an important role in her ballet recital. The director told her that she was too fat and had to lose weight. Confused, she tried to re-assure herself, but even other teachers told her that she was 'fat.' 

Shocked, Sayako decided to lose weight. 

Sayako starved herself and eventually became 39kg. People around her would compliment her on her weight loss, which to her, felt good to hear. She became afraid of food, and every time she ate, she would force herself to throw up. 

Eventually, she became too weak to even get out of bed - but people were still complimenting her for being thin. This is when she began to grow her fear of people and isolating herself for about 3.5 years.

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