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"Tomorrow I'll go out... But it was just a thought. It was like that for so long, months passed by. I was out when it was snowing, the next thing I know, there were cherry blossoms..." - Seung Kyu 

Seung Kyu' greatest passion was to either be behind the camera or in front of one. But passions like that does not go easy in a society filled with rules and judgement. 

In high-school, Seung Kyu worked hard to become a streamer on Youtube and an actor. He created large communities and even won multiple awards for his work. As the idea of University became more prominent, his dreams became a nightmare. 

His closest friends shared their concern about pursuing such a risky career. His father, told him that a hobby is not a career path.
Feeling lost and betrayed, he spiraled into depression with no path in sight. He struggled to find his self-confidence and meaning to life as he isolated himself for 7 years...

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