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"When you are alone all the time, it is difficult to be in a community. But if you are in a community, you can choose to go somewhere and be by yourself." - Kang Won

Kang Won is actually not a Hikikomori. But he has an extraordinary story that makes him the heart of K2 House. 

Kang Won was always the 'big kid' in class. He would bully and make fun of the less popular kids in school. 
He went through this phase until he one day, ran away from home. He had no one to take him in, until he found a church and a father who let him stay for shelter. This changed his life, he realised all the sins he has commited and decided to change his ways.

He got a job at Don Cafe (which is a restaurant that K2 House runs and is managed by Hikikomoris.) From this job, he found his calling - to help people. Help those who he once caused harm to. 

He now lives in the K2 house and helps the members re-gain confidence and overcome their demons.  

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