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"Everyone says there is at least one thing they are good at. A talent. I've thought about it, and I don't think I have one" - Se Jin 

As a child, Se Jin always dreamed of being a producer, but his childhood hindered him from following his goals. When he was very young, his father had passed away, leading him to grow up without a male role model. His mother, who was depressed and concerned about how society might judge a 'fatherless' child, became a very strict mother. She hoped the best for Se Jin, but unfortunately this also meant Se Jin had to give up his dreams of being a producer, in order to follow the social guidelines which will allow him down the path of a 'safe' and 'expected' future.

He was constantly at home alone. After school, he would be alone at home until his mom came home late from work. With the lack of support to become the producer he always wanted to be, he slowly began giving up on a lot of things. Which led him to become a Hikikomori.

Before joining K2 in 2018, Se Jin was alone, away from society for 3 years.

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