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A Documentary about Hikikomoris

Three Hikikomoris (isolated youths) living in a rehab house in Korea seek healing through confronting their demons and forging paths back into society.



Merch Arrived!

Photobooks, Mugs, Shirts and Food Kits etc. has just arrived at our doorstep! We will be sending out packages through out the months of April! 
If you want some free stuff or to buy more, check out our merch here -

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your support! 


Miss Korea 2018 Supports

Just talked with Miss Korea 2018 (Soo Min Kim)! Super stoked to share that she will be supporting our project!
Follow her instagram : @sookim1001


Trailer Released!

We've just launched the first version of our Trailer! Check it out on our website -

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